Cocoa Butter Soap Collection

A conversation with Dihanna DuVaught, owner of Daube's bakery one cold winter day inspired our new and improved Cocoa Butter Soap Collection. We adorn our cocoa butter soap with colorful unscented balls inside and delicate soap shavings on top. 'Bare Naked' Cocoa Butter Soap is our natural, unscented option. Detoxifying activated charcoal colors the black balls that appear to float in this creamy, rich cocoa butter soap. We have added fragrance and essential oils to offer you a variety of scent options. Paprika, turmeric, madder root powder, cocoa powder and dark chocolate are some of the ingredients we use to create great contrasting colors in this fun bar soap. 

Contains saponified oils: coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, organic sustainable palm oil, apricot kernel oil, caster oil, sunflower oil, and fragrance oils.