It’s sure nice to have a weekend to work on brilliant ideas. Yesterday I whipped up some lotion sticks! We are super excited to bring you this great new product and it is en-route to our favorite skin experts for the stamp of approval! As soon as we get several thumbs up you will find it right here in our catalog! The lotion stick is completely natural. The unique balance of oils and beeswax soaks into your skin leaving it soft and touchable.  I think it puts a nice polish on my old ink too.



Lotion stick


I seized this rainy Sunday to try a new scent I have been thinking about. I made our cocoa butter soap recipe (Chocoholics Revenge) scented it with vanilla and a hint of tangerine and for a earthy surprise I put chunks of Straight Up Patchouli in there too. I can’t wait to uncover it – I think it will be a nice blend of sweet and earthy, and chocoholic’s revenge lather is always awesome! Keep in mind that freshly poured soap is not soap until it has cured for 4-6 weeks. So save us to your favorites to keep up with our expanding product line!

We have nearly completed a display case for Autonomy Tattoo and body piercing – find out here when The Great Soap Company soap is available in Rochester at Autonomy!  

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