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Fresh Ink 2014

27 July, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

     While enjoying a lovely birthday manicure with Tia and Zoe, Aspen from Autonomy Tattoo called me to come in early for my appointment. I got there as soon as I could (without ruining my freshly polished ‘as green on the runway’ fingernails) for my tattoo from the gifted artist Brian Grover. He added some white sandalwood flowers (they are actually a grey blue, a lovely longer lasting, and I believe less painful, color) and juniper berries to my lower right arm. Brian beautifully framed the first tattoo he did for me 5 years ago, the tribute to my father, the tattoo that started this tradition. It was five years ago that I talked to him about completing a sleeve on a budget. Brian has been great to work with, and he's confident that we can meet my goal of finishing this project by my 50th. I completely trust his artistic vision and I can't wait to see what he does next. He must include some more juniper berries I love the way they look, the colors and textures are amazing! It is another beautiful piece of art from Mr. Grover. I am all ready anticipating the next one.

     Once again I am pampering my art investment with The Great Soap Company’s Hiker bar. This tattoo left me very swollen and a little bruised but it seems to be healing nicely. The slippery hiker bar feels great on my tender skin. I put a rubber glove on to wash the fresh ink every 2-3 hours pat it dry with a paper towel and apply a thin even layer of aquafour. It is important to me to take good care of my new art work and I believe in our natural product to do an excellent job of keeping it clean. My new tattoo inspired me to update our inventory at Autonomy Tattoo and body piercing, you can now pick up some of our latest and Greatest products there! Autonomy is conveniently located between Taco Bell and DQ on Broadway in Rochester.

     We are busy finding new ingredients to use in our products and we're cooking up a beer soap and some holiday favorites for you this fall. As always we are looking to keep it local so you might find Jon and me around town sampling, beers, ales and stouts. You will certainly find us at the rusty iron ranch festival on September 12 & 13th and we are working on lining up shows every month through the end of the year! Find dates and locations right here and on Facebook Instagram and Pinterest!

Thanks for your support!

09 June, 2013 1 comment Leave a comment

We are so grateful for our awesome customers and would like to thank you for shopping with The Great Soap Company. We feel blessed to have fans across the country supporting our small business. We're excited to offer Great Soap at Adorn {Furniture Rehab} in Chatfield, Minnesota, Autonomy Tattoo and Body Piercing in Rochester, Minnesota Joe’s in Spring Valley, Minnesota and Positively the Center for Success in Escanaba Michigan. Do you think The Great Soap Company would be awesome to have at a shop near you? email me at and I’ll see what I can do to make it happen! It’s easier than ever to pick up our natural product locally, simply place your order on our web site and pay no shipping. I’ll make sure you get the goods in a timely manner. Pick up a bar at Autonomy, conveniently located on North Broadway sandwiched between Dairy Queen and Taco Bell. Brian and the guys at Autonomy have been very supportive and we are happy to be working with this great local business. You don’t have to have body art to buy natural soap at Autonomy, stop by and pick up a bar for yourself and one for gift giving. Natural soap is a great gift – consumable gifts create positive energy and no clutter. If body art is your thing – Autonomy is the place to go and The Great Soap Company is the perfect way to pamper your art investment. Even if body art isn't for you open your eyes to these inspiring talented young artists work and pick up a bar of soap while your there!

Yesterday Jon, Zoe and I celebrated our nephews, Ben and Blaine’s High School graduations with family at my sister’s place in Oronoco. We have seen a great deal of rain in southern Minnesota recently, the past 60 days or so… so it was so fabulous to see sunshine for the festivities. The sun also shone on Adorn {Furniture Rehab} shop owner Melissa Wood’s wedding day! Congratulations Melissa and Tony we are so happy the sun made an appearance on your very special day! We got home from the party to find a package all the way from Connecticut! The Great Soap Company Founder, Sandra Pike McShane made a beautiful stepping stone featuring our logo. Sandra is one crafty bitch and these fabulous stepping stones are her latest creative venture!

Sandra sent a nice letter confessing her addiction to Morning Dew and shared excellent soap reviews from her friends who got gift baskets (including Great soap) for Christmas! We adore your thoughtful gift and are happy you love our soap as much as we do!

While I was getting soap ready to ship to Connecticut I put together a gift box for a benefit auction next weekend. I choose an image of a vintage Indian motorcycle on a lovely wooden cigar box and loaded it with an awesome selection of Great Soap. My little brother Greg and his girlfriend Jennifer are collecting items for the ride away SMA silent auction next Saturday. Thanks Greg and Jennifer for raising awareness and money for this cause and honoring the memory of a precious little girl taken much too soon. Check out to find out how you can help.

The Great Soap Company is excited for warmer weather and a little sunshine would be awesome. We're having fun working on new products for you. We used local fresh goats milk in our soap and scented it with cut grass fragrance oil, the interesting combination is currently curing. find out how it turns out right here on our blog.  Have a fun, safe summer!

Have Fun, play hard and get dirty, we’ll clean you up naturally.



Fresh Ink

26 January, 2013 1 comment Leave a comment


I got another kick ass Brian Grover tattoo on Monday. Jon gave me an Autonomy Tattoo gift certificate for Christmas. Thankfully, I scheduled a January 21st appointment last August. Worth the wait, I assure you. I love this tattoo! The colors pop and the lines are super solid – it hurt like a bitch, also worth the pain. Brian is an interesting cat to talk to, thank god because it distracts you from the discomfort. I have a great deal of respect for this talented local artist and am so glad that most of my right arm is covered with his work.  This time he did a fly reel and flower Mandala inside the state of MN. Brian’s got some great ideas to finish a ¾ sleeve. Maybe he can disguise my stretch marks. This bright, lovely new blessing is the perfect time to tell you about tattoo after care. Always ask your tattoo artist what they recommend for aftercare. I like to use Hiker bar on my fresh ink. This soap is made with a relatively large percentage of castor oil which has both conditioning and moisturizing qualities. The Avocado and apricot kernel oils contain vitamins A, D and E which are healing and moisturizing. The cocoa butter olive oil and beeswax contribute to the hardness of the bar, contain antioxidants and give this soap that great slippery feel, which feels pretty awesome on fresh ink. I might love this soap more than my tattoo (no offense Brian). I'm all about  pampering my art investment and Hiker bar totally fits the bill.   The Great Soap Company’s Hiker bar is also awesome shampoo, it gets your hair squeaky clean and contains no chemicals or preservatives, it's all natural. The guys at autonomy encourage you to leave the bandage on until you want to start dealing with the after care. My bandages typically don’t last long as I always have to show someone ASAP. Try to resist the urge to take off your banddage though, everything I have read indicates that you should leave it covered for at least 2 hours.  I like to keep mine clean with Hiker bar and wash it every 2-3 hours. I wet the new tattoo with warm water, work up a good lather in my hands, gently wash, rinse and repeat (use your hand, no washclothes allowed) and gently pat it dry with a paper towel. I apply Aquaphor (a Eucerin product) with a rubber glove and am able to use a very small amount to create a thin even layer. I carry around my little tattoo pampering pouch for about 4-5 days and then just switch over to lotion instead of Aquaphor.  Hiker bar is scented with some power packed essential oils too. Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial and antiseptic and Clary sage, peppermint and rosemary are super clean and refreshing. I highly recommend this awesome product to care for fresh ink investments. I saw Brian Thursday and he said my tattoo is healing beautifully.


Brian Grover Tattoo