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Summer Festivals

06 June, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

Summer seems like a distant dream for so many months of the year in Minnesota. I am delighted that it still fills my heart with joy when it suddenly arrives, as if by surprise.

The Great Soap Company will be pitching our new tent at several events in and around Rochester this summer. We kicked off our festival scene with Art on the Ave on June 3, 2017. We were impressed with this group of super friendly, organized volunteers. This is the third year we have joined Pauly Bennett, of Dwell Local at AOA and we scored a spot beside the new sculpture. Aurora by Karl Friedrich was unveiled as the 13th permanent art installation in the Slatterly Park neighborhood. It was awesome to see the unveiling of Aurora.  I could feel the excitement of the families who will enjoy Karl’s vision for this evolving neighborhood every day, by simply looking out the window. It made me realize what a gift the Rochester Community has in the Slatterly Park neighborhood. It was a beautiful day for the event, sunny, with temperatures in the low 90’s. We really enjoyed the live music and I was impressed with all the interactive art activities for children; this event is truly a gem. If you have never gone you really need to. Once again, those awesome AOA volunteers came through and welcomed us to shut things down before 4 to beat a little summer thunder shower. We had the show on the road just in time to avoid a sudsy mess, big thank you to Pauly, Lori and Scott for helping us pack everything up so quickly.

We are off to a Great start with our summer festival mojo and I’m confident we will learn and grow with each show. We are really excited to be at Thursdays on First for the first time. Look for us June 22, July20 and August 17 at this cherished celebration of summer in Rochester. Check out the awesome interactive map on the TOF web site to find your favorite local businesses and exactly when and where to find them; pretty high tech. I believe everyone at the Great Soap Company would do a no rain dance to keep the rain away for our dip into outdoor venues. Please join us at Berne Wood-Fired Pizza Artisan Market on August 2. Jon and I have never experienced this Wednesday evening summer tradition but we’ve heard the buzz. All the profits from this completely volunteer operated event go to nonprofit causes in the community. A summer evening with music, pizza, and friends in beautiful southern Minnesota and giving back to the community, that’s priceless.  

TOF August 17 will be our summer finale.

We’ll kick things off in the fall at the Olmsted County Fair Grounds September 22 & 23. Weathered & Rusty Market always offers unique items for creative minds. A great variety of really nice vendors in the old limestone building give this show a really great vibe.

Ask about our newest products when you stop by our tent. We are excited for you to see the additions we’ve made to our display. The Great Soap Company is geared up to keep you clean and fresh this summer.


17 August, 2014 1 comment Leave a comment

     I watched a women walking with a young girl. She was talking on her phone and hung up as they crossed the street. A second glance at the two found the woman on her phone again. It made me feel sad for both of them. Who knows? Perhaps the calls were very important; maybe she was dealing with a crisis. Maybe the time spent talking on the phone would have been better spent talking with the young girl she was walking with. It made me think about when my girls were 7 or eight... that time is gone, I wasn't on a cell phone, but was I listening to them?

     The otherwise engaged woman made me think of the passing of comic genius, Robin Williams. By encouraging our children to talk about their feelings and challenges, encouraging anyone to - couldn't that be life saving? Could hanging up our phones and engaging with our children and our neighbors, our communities and our families save lives? Robin William's life was such a gift to the world and will live on in his work. His death has become a gift of awareness through the media and everyone he touched that we need to hang up our phones and talk with our children, develop relationships and reach out to those who are struggling. Be kind to one another and make a difference in someone's day. Just a smile can mean so much, a kind word, or a gentle touch might be enough to make someone want to wake up another day. Don't we owe it to each other to pay attention to one another face to face and hand in hand?

     I will never get that time back with my daughters. All I have is today, to hang up my phone, put down my ipad, and shut off the TV. Tia (our oldest daughter) wasn't very enthusiastic about working the sidewalk sale at the drug store. When I dropped her off at work I told her you never know what folks are going through and just a smile can change someone's day, she has a lovely smile. I am done grumbling when Zoe asks me to French braid her hair, she looks so beautiful with a French braid & I get to spend time talking with her while my fingers fumble to create the knots. I will enjoy these rare captive moments with my amazing and capable daughters, they will never pass this way again.