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We are really excited to be making progress on some cool stuff for you! Yesterday I got to hang out with my sister Kathy and her husband Brad. We customized some shelves for the Autonomy display and it turned out awesome. Look for The Great Soap Company at Autonomy Tattoo and Body piercing in March! EXCELLENT! We are planning to offer 6 different scents and Hiker bar. What scents do you want to pick up at Autonomy? Comment on this post and let me know.


I’m sad I missed my brother’s grand opening at Minnesota Joe’s yesterday. I’m glad Jeff Austin, Todd Fox and Troy Meisner are sharing their passion and knowledge in the lovely town of Spring Valley. I think they are really helping breathe new life into this rural community. Beautiful southern Minnesota is certainly an awesome backdrop for this great shop. You can get great outdoor gear at Minnesota Joe’s and I heard they are making room for tents – which is a great reminder that spring is just around the corner! So take a road trip to Spring Valley and check out this great little shop right next to Ray’s Barbershop, pick up some Great Soap while you’re there!  Minnesota Joe’s is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Congratulations Minnesota Joe’s, Spring Valley Minnesota is lucky to have you!


I got some good feedback from a couple of my skin experts and have made a great change to the lotion stick recipe. I am mixing up some lotion sticks today and collaborating with my most excellent graphic designer Long Haired Lori to design some lovely new labels for this awesome product.  Look for lotion sticks in our catalog very soon! Like us on Facebook for updates on our newest products!   



  • lisa

    you are too kind sir, go on…

  • Jeff

    AWESOME!! You have the writing skills of a gifted surgeon!

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