Responsible packaging, Sassy dos and getting it out there…

I am grateful for a four day weekend and a little healthy time off from Mayo. I spent my first day off pampering Jon a little (who I unintentionally inflicted with some sort of nasty sinus crud which laid me up last week) and by snatching up a last minute appointment at Envy Hair Studio where Katie Kline gave me a sassy new do. With my edgy new hair cut (see #67 - although, i highly recommend reading all 100) I was eager to complete multiple soap tasks. I started by saving some cigar boxes from our landfill. I dropped off our finally completed GSC display case at Autonomy Tattoo and body piercing. I finished a bunch of soap boxes I had started with my sister Kathy. They turned out awesome! These boxes are far too sturdy and lovely to through away so I purchase them from my local smoke shop. I reclaim these beautiful boxes with interesting and occasionally inappropriate pictures and paper. It has really been fun to be creative and spend time with my sister. My teenage nephews have even helped to create these lovely reinvented packages. If I were closer to Escanaba I would love to attend a Decoupage class at Positively Center for Success . Positively is the latest retailer to carry The Great Soap Company – it looks like a fun place! You should definitely check out Positively the next time you’re near Escanaba, Michigan! Salvaging cigar boxes from the smoke shop is just one of the ways The Great Soap Company practices responsible packaging. We really like the idea of reusing packaging and creating less waste. We hand wrap our handmade soap in brown paper bands we create from a little post consumer waste from our neighbors at Sign here the good folks at Sign Here save their scraps because they aren’t quite used up and we make them new again. Hand stamped with our logo they dress up our simple, natural soaps beautifully. We love the new lotion stick container and want to do our best to keep these plastic tubes out of our landfills so we are going to offer a $1.00 off on refills. My personal lotion stick is actually in a re-used deodorant tube and sits right by the bathroom sink. I rub it over my knuckles and onto my cuticles after I wash my hands and I absolutely love it. LH Lori’s labels for the lotion sticks turned out awesome and the good folks at insty prints are going to hook me up with some killer new labels for this great new product.


I’m feeling a little stiff and sore from a workout with Jenny Green at the DAHLC on Thursday. The first session kicked my butt, hope it’s a little easier when I do it on my own tomorrow. It’s time for me to get up and move. I’m off to prepare baby soap molds for a batch of bouncing baby soap Zoe is making presently. Then I will responsibly wrap up some soap for Autonomy. The Great Soap Company is very proud of our responsible packaging practices. Save us to your favorites and keep an eye on the catalog for our new lotion sticks and sassy new soap boxes… stay tuned.


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  • Bev

    I was in to Minnesota Joe’s today and bought your Almond Oatmeal Soap. I have blog and your product may be of interest to campers. If you are interested in contributing a 300 word or less, max 3 pics, please take a look and get back to me.
    Bev :)

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