Why Natural? Why Not?

Did you know that mass produced soap makers remove the natural glycerin and sell it to the beauty industry for a greater profit? They take out the good stuff and replace it with chemicals, detergents and preservatives to make more money.

The Great Soap Company makes natural, handmade soap in small batches, the old fashioned way. When the lye interacts with the vegetable oils it creates glycerin naturally. Glycerin has a superb moisturizing effect on the skin and is a natural bi product of the process. Right before our soap is poured into our handmade molds we add essential oils and occasionally fragrance oils to fashion our fabulous scent combinations. Our natural soap will leave your skin and hair feeling clean and soft without any additives or preservatives to dry and irritate your skin.

The Great Soap Company is committed to bringing you a high quality product at an exceptional value. We will never take out the natural, moisturizing glycerin or add chemicals. Our goal is to create a Great working, natural product, a product that your whole family can feel good about using to get clean! Make the natural choice and choose the Great Soap Company.

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